Projet Avenue in Montreal by Cuisines Steam

This kitchen, designed by Cuisines Steam , found in a newly built single-family home in Montreal, has carved a special place in the architecture of the place. It shows that a kitchen can fit well beyond its original setting.

The lines are blurred between the end of the kitchen and the beginning of the show and the space is harmonious, fluid and welcoming, ” says Patrizia Giacomini, designer and sales manager at Cuisines Steam.

The choice of materials and the importance of natural light are the main ingredients of the design of this kitchen. The intention was to emphasize the harmony of materials from one room to another and to create a link between the exterior and the interior allowing the kitchen to fully integrate into the space.

For us, a successful kitchen project is when cabinets seem to disappear, materials come to life and architecture shines, ” concludes Patrizia. The kitchen becomes the backdrop of the daily adventures of a young and dynamic family! Learn more about Steam Kitchens

Photos: Mélanie Elliott

source: v2com press release

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